Tropical Hacienda With Cenotes
Tekit Yucatan
Lot Area: 404 Hectares (Convert...)
Bedrooms: 0
Bathrooms: 0
Parking: 0


Full property has been surveyed and fenced to ensure boundaries.
Plans and detailed maps. Hundreds and hundreds of new plans, trees
and gardens from around the world are doing fantastic. The abundance of wildlife is also flourishing. This property is a tropical jungle paradise. Large lake, large open cenotes and caves. There is also large hill by the lake, we all know what that maybe.
More work being done to restoration of Hacienda buildings.
The goats have also added too, with a few new ones. The walking lawn
mowers. Helping the staff to keep the jungle under control.

This large property is the best I have seen for vegetation, wildlife, lake, cenotes, caves and natural beauty and I have seen many.

This present owner has spent the last 5 or 6 years cleaning, planting and doing restoration to a few of the old biuldings. What he has done is fantastic. Photo’s do not do this property justice, just too much to see, enjoy and take in.

is situated in the heart of the Convent Route, the Hacienda Route, and Puuc Route, this hacienda is smack dab in the middle of the 3 main tourist routes in the Yucatan peninsula.

The area is also called the cenote zone, for its many beautiful sinkholes, many of which are swimmable. Running along the eastern edge of the property is one of the only extant narrow-gauge train lines, meaning that you can take the train from the main house all the way into town, or to many of the towns nearby, which in fact many people do. This property has one of the most beautiful and most enormous cenotes in all of the Yucatan, as big as the one in Chichen Itza.

There is also an extraordinary large cenote with crystal clear water and a white sandy bottom. The main well itself is a cenote with a 400 year old arch inside, and is connected to many caves. There are also several other smaller cenotes on the property.


$975,000 USD


For more information contact: Carol Kirby Williams, Reese Williams


Cenote | Clear Title | Electricity | Solar Panels | Well Water for gardens


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